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New Release: Healthy Boundaries Series

Let's be honest, boundaries are HARD, and often times we don't even realize how much a lack of them is impacting our wellness until it reaches a breaking point.

Someone who struggles with unhealthy personal boundaries may relate to this:

You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted from everything on your plate, yet- when someone asks if you can help with one more thing- it is hard for you to say "no". Your mind focuses less on all that you are doing and holding, and instead fills your thoughts with "shoulds" and feelings of obligation. And maybe it feels easier to keep saying "yes" because you aren't even sure what you would do with alone time.

+ this may hit home for someone who struggles with unhealthy boundaries with others:

Perhaps there are people in your life who take advantage of your generosity and giving heart. Maybe they keep asking for things or expecting you to show up in ways that you aren't comfortable with because they know you'll have a hard time saying "no". Maybe these are relationships that have caused you pain or discomfort for a long time but it feels pointless to try and change the dynamics, you feel stuck, and are unsure how to move forward.

Whether you are trying to work on boundaries with yourself or with others, there is a lot to consider.

  • How is your self-esteem playing a role in these difficulties?

  • What type of language do you use with yourself about boundaries?

  • Which type of boundary is misaligned? (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

  • How do you choose an area of focus and get started?

  • What types of pushback and barriers should you be watching for?

It's honestly not hard to understand why people avoid setting boundaries all together.

BUT, I've got exciting + wonderful news for you...

Rooted Wellness has JUST launched our first series available to anyone over 18:

"One Week to Healthier Boundaries"

This 7-day, 21-page series is packed with information to help you answer all of the above questions. While it was designed to be spread out over a week, you will have access to the full workbook upon purchase and can go at a pace that you are comfortable with. Ultimately, we will work through why boundaries have felt so tough and how you can begin to view them differently, as you tune into what you want and need.

Ready to get started?

Check out this new offering by clicking on the below image:


Meredith Waller MSW, LCSW

Based in Boulder, CO and offering online counseling throughout Colorado

-Certified Shame-Informed Treatment Specialist

-Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional


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