Healthy plants fill 2 bookshelves in a therapy office located in Boulder, Colorado that treats anxiety, self-esteem, grief and loss, and trauma

Rooted Wellness


Anxiety, Stress, Relationship + Self-Esteem Therapy in Colorado

A badge reports that Meredith Waller, LCSW is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
A badge reports Meredith Waller, LCSW is Certified Shame Informed Treatment Specialist (CSTS)
Meredith Waller, LCSW smiles while wearing pink in her office where she offers CBT therapy and anxiety treatment

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Meredith Waller

"It is my passion to help people heal and to support them in overcoming difficulties they may have felt resigned to. 
I'm not here to sit silently + nod,
I'll be walking alongside you into your next chapter."

Things Need to Change

You feel like you're keeping it together just enough to get through the day,

but it's exhausting.

Your mind will not shut off and the things that normally help you reset aren't working anymore.

Everyday you feel more disconnected from who you want to be, 

more burned out of being the "strong one" for others,

and less sure that things can improve.

You're in the right place.

Therapy is a space for healing and direction. I am passionate about helping client's take back control, reconnect with themselves, and live with purpose. 

At Rooted Wellness Counseling

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You will gain a better understanding of your thinking patterns, learn new coping skills, heal from the past, and reconnect with your present


Your unique experiences, emotions, ideas, and preferences will be honored

Women, men, non-binary, + transgender people (18+) are welcome

Adults can access support via secure video visits throughout Colorado

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