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Studies show that 40-60% of adults who experience anxiety also experience ADHD symptoms

Therapy for ADHD + Overwhelm

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself, adjust to change, problem-solve, or choose what to give your attention to? It can be really overwhelming to feel constantly distracted by our environment and our own thoughts. Not only can it impact our ability to feel successful at work or school, but it can also start to take a toll on our relationships, our emotions, and our confidence.

While you may feel like shouting "what is wrong with me?!"- it's important to know that not every brain functions the same, and it can make a significant difference in our overall wellness if we take time to understand how we best function and what tools/skills we need in place to best support ourselves. 

Let's address where you feel stuck so that you can get back to living.

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A few things we know:

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Struggling with planning, follow-through, and focus has nothing to do with your intelligence and it has everything to do with regulating your attention

People who identify as neurodiverse often have a history of "masking" symptoms, which can lead to lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression

Behavioral tools -such as relaxation + regulation techniques- can help us improve our capacity to navigate stress before feeling overwhelmed

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How I can help:

You know better than anyone what it's like to function and live with your brain, and your insight into when you feel stuck (or when things are difficult) is really important to me. Utilizing your unique knowledge, ​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)- I help clients pinpoint aspects of their environment that are helpful and harmful for their success, thoughts that get in the way of forward progress, strategies for improving executive functioning, and helpful tools for self-regulation. I've taken on extensive training about ADHD to make sure I'm offering the most up to date and effective care, and my passion for learning more never stops so that I can be the specialist you deserve.

I have found that client's navigating functional concerns can benefit significantly from increasing structure, developing healthy outlets for built-up stress/energy, and addressing self-esteem impacts of feeling out of control at times during their life. You can read more about my work with self-esteem, here.

*While I do not prescribe medication, I am happy to provide psychiatry referrals or work alongside your prescriber, if medication is something you are interested in.

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