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Therapy for Anxiety + Panic

Anxiety and panic love to take control over our thoughts and can leave us feeling helpless as to when symptoms are going to show up next. It can be very physical (increased heart-rate, difficulty breathing, sweating, fixating on a health concern) and psychological (racing thoughts, uncontrollable worry, fear something awful might happen), and can quickly feel unsustainable. Whether your anxiety is impacting your sleep, your relationships, or your mindset- therapy can help you take back control.

Did you know that we understand where anxiety comes from in the brain and how to control it more than any other mental health diagnosis?


A few things we know:

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Anxiety stems from a part of our brain (our amygdala) that doesn't process language

Fight/ Flight/ Freeze signals are meant to protect us, but our brain can send them too often under certain circumstances (such as when we experience a stress buildup or have been trough a traumatic event)

We can calm this part of our brain with specific coping skills + tools and allow the calming side of our nervous system to re-activate 

This part of the brain can learn- We can teach it to be less activated, to calm faster, and that we are in control

How I can help:

First of all, I get it. I'm no stranger to anxiety and know how terrible it feels!


Not only have I taken extra courses and training to understand exactly what is happening in our brain when we are experiencing anxiety, but I've spent years learning the most effective way to teach this information to others through my work. I'm now a fully Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) and know that you don't have to feel overrun by your anxiety anymore.

I utilize multiple approaches to help clients address their anxiety symptoms:














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Cognitive Approach

Somatic Approach

Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I empower clients to increase awareness of their thought patterns and identify ways of thinking (self-doubt, assuming the worst possible outcome, self-blame, minimizing accomplishments etc.) that are no longer serving them. In addition to shifting our thoughts to be more fact-based, I help client's understand what is happening in the brain and which forms of coping the anxious part of our brain responds best to. Our work together with consider coping strategies, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle changes that can prevent anxiety from building up again.

I have also come to deeply appreciate that in order to adjust our thinking, we must acknowledge that anxiety is a feeling- and that feelings are held and felt in our bodiesThrough my work with Integrative Somatic Parts, I help empower clients to explore where they are holding stress in their nervous system, strengthen their mind-body connection, and increase awareness of patterns, habits, or stories that are both helpful and harmful in their lives.

While the mechanisms of anxiety are similar for all of us, the experiences and circumstances that lead to your symptoms are unique. I will treat you like the individual that you are, utilize the approach and tools that work best for you, and help you feel in control again.  

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