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Therapy for Stress + Grief

Transition is incredibly difficult and there are so many changes that we experience in life (starting college, navigating becoming a caregiver, new job, loss of a job, retirement, relationship change, dealing with an injury or chronic illness, losing a partner/ friend/ family member). As we try to navigate change, day-to-day stress doesn't stop, and -once you throw in factors like a worldwide pandemic- it can simply feel like too much to handle.


I want you to know that it's completely understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed and lost. While therapy may feel like "one more thing" on your to-do list, it's more than just talking. I can help you create a path forward and you're 100% worthy of this support.

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How I help with Stress:

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I'm human, too. I understand how overwhelming life can be and have been honored to work with people facing so many different challenges. Through this work, I've come to deeply value the power of holding space and sharing true empathy. I've also become an expert in helping clients overcome their unique difficulties.


Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, I help client's develop both lifestyle and in-the-moment coping strategies. Our work will ensure your stress decreases and that you have tools to stop it from becoming unmanageable in the future. Because I know stress doesn't happen in a vacuum, we will also collaboratively address related concerns (such as anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, sleep concerns, or relationship difficulties) that may have increased due to your current situation. I incorporate Problem-Solving Therapy (PST) and Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) to meet my clients where they are at and honor their interests, experiences and preferences as we create a plan forward.

I have experience working with healthcare providers and professionals in other demanding positions who are experiencing symptoms of burnout. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out for support!

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How I help with Grief:

Grief is a difficult process that we all experience in different ways, for different reasons, and for different lengths of time. Death is not the only thing that causes us to go through a grieving process and it is not linear. While many people know the stages of grief, it is important to know that those stages were created for people who are dying and not those adjusting to a loss/transition. Your healing is your own, but that doesn't mean you have to figure it out alone.


I help people navigate grief by exploring ways to honor and work through the grieving process, incorporating my training in Grief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, Integrative Somatic Parts Work, and self-compassion. I also help people process feelings of guilt/shame resulting from a loss/ transition. We will discuss and address sleep concerns, identify triggers, breakdown overwhelming tasks, and explore feeling disconnected from our body, ourselves and others. 

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